Regional Workshop on Radicalization in Central Asia


Representatives from Central Asian countries, observer states, regional and international organizations, as well as relevant experts, counter-terrorism practitioners, and civil society from across the region gathered in Almaty to discuss the worldwide growing trend of radicalization and its realities in the region.

The regional event “Recognizing and Responding to Radicalization that Can Lead to Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Central Asia” was organized by the UNRCCA and the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) in an effort to support the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action for Central Asia under the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

The workshop was focused on better understanding the causes of radicalization that can lead to violent extremism in Central Asia and aimed to bring Central Asian representatives as well as international and regional stakeholders together to discuss how to devise strategies to prevent and combat radicalization and the modalities for achieving them.